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Homicidal Ideations

by Skin Ticket

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19.8.2 00:34
DBAC 01:17
ARISE STAND UP FOR WHAT YOU FUCKING BELIEVE EVEN IF IT MEANS TO KILL ME These are the days we we’re bred for Subjugation - a thing of the past It’s time to make change GET OFF YOUR FUCKING ASS DON’T BE A COWARD get off your fucking knees DON’T BE A COWARD practice what you preach Can’t believe what I’m seeing Racist flooding the fucking streets It’s time to take back what ours And make them all BLEED IGNORANCE PROVOKED BY STRIFE VIOLENCE WILL BRING US PEACE TIME TO TAKE BACK WHAT’S OURS TIME TO LIVE OUR FUCKING LIVES ARISE STAND UP FOR WHAT YOU FUCKING BELIEVE DON’T BE A FUCKING COWARD
We are the righteous fuckin sinners we kill the rapists, racists and the diddlers won’t stop until they’re punished for their violations time to take all of their lives with no hesitation You can say that you’re sorry all that you want shove your sorry up your ass, you fucking cunt you won’t be excused for this kind of hatred not until I see your heads on stakes across the nation. TAKE ALL THEIR LIVES I wanna see them on their fucking knees TAKE ALL THEIR LIVES I wanna see them beg and bleed TAKE ALL THEIR LIVES I wanna see it trend across the nation TAKE ALL THEIR LIVES CUT THEIR HEADS OFF WITH NO HESITATION! Cut Em Off Let Em Roll Make the motherfuckers pay the toll KILL EM ALL THEY MAKE ME SICK I WANNA SEE THEIR MOTHER FUCKIN THROATS SLITS
A Promise 01:27
I was young, I couldn’t save you From the bitch who turned you black and blue Now I’m older and much stronger Now I plan to keep my promise to you... And kill that Motherfucker When I find him I’ll make him pay for the shit he did to you and me cut his eyes out Hang em up Make that mother fucker watch himself DIE!!!!!!!!! This is A PROMISE TO MY MOTHER
Worth:None 01:52
WORTH:NONE Beat me down Just to pick me up and kick me to the fucking ground Demasculate Me Took my innocence and split me at the fucking seam WHAT AM... WHAT AM I? Make me question who I am and what I’m worth Because of YOU I feel no fucking worth I feel nothing No life no love to give I’ll feel something When you are fucking dead Strip my innocence each and every single day You think you’d walk away with no fucking price to pay? You thought wrong I’m coming for you Seeking vengeance And SOLITUDE Open up your Mind Try to find your worth but only find scum inside Your Worth... is None
P.O.S. 01:48
PIECE OF SHIT YOU MAKE ME SICK WHAT YOU’VE DONE IS DONE CAN’T RUN FROM IT Now you’re marked for death you piece of shit... Mutilate what’s between your legs Just to claim my trophy No more abuse for you to spread Hang your phallus from the seventh story You take innocence like it’s a fucking game Abuse whoever and hush them so you’re safe Ill tell you right now, your game is done I’ll hunt you down and kill you just for fun PIECE OF SHIT YOU MAKE ME SICK WHAT YOU’VE DONE IS DONE CANT RUN FROM IT THERES NO EXUSE FOR WHAT YOU’VE DONE NOW YOU’LL PAY THE PRICE YOU FUCKING SCUM Now you’re fucking dead you piece of shit...
Soilex 03:28
Disintegrate everything in me Sacrifice everything I have Never once did I doubt your love Never once did I doubt your faith Feels like my body is soaked In Soilex There’s no more room in this world for me Fall apart every single day Dig myself into a dark grave Why am I suffering Why am I in so much pain Feels like my body is soaked In Soilex There’s no more room in this world for me It’s like my mind is dead And you’re the cause of it Now I realize this was Never Meant This was Never Meant
Nighterror 02:13
Every single day I feel the pressure build Weighing down on me, so much guilt These voices in my head are driving me insane Time to take it all past the point of extreme Black out from the pain and anger Numbness from the Drugs starts to kick in I’m losing full control to this stranger Theres no saving me, I’m DEAD!!!!! Can’t tell if its a dream or real I’m riding passenger while he’s at the wheel His higher power? A bullet in the chamber He wants an escape from this life of hatred Pure chaos I can’t con-fucking-trol him Seeking peace from this life of sin He doesn’t want to live in this hell He wants to blow a hole through this mental cell. Every single day I feel the pressure build Weighing down on me, so much guilt These voices in my head are driving me insane Time to take it all to the point of extreme (Why?) (Die.) (Awake.) Where am I, What have I done, What’s going on? Pull the gun from my mouth with so much confusion Misfire from the fear of what I’ve done I this real or just another NIGHTERROR!!!!!!
BLEED THE BLUE You motherfuckers think that this is a game, it’s not We’re coming for you and to take everything that you’ve got You think I’m lying, little piece of shit? Well if you want it, COME AND FUCKING GET IT STEP UP! STEP UP! You think you’re something , YOU’RE NOT your just a bitch in armor saying you protect us all You’re nothing without your code of silence Your ignorance has lead to violence You kill the innocent it makes me sick Taking the life from a fucking kid Disgrace to the human race disgrace to the world You call yourself a man as you beat a girl DISHONOR. NO VALOR. SNIDE. Protect & Serve? A fucking LIE NOWHERE TO HIDE From the Resistance to the Blue Lives Now’s the time TO BLEED THE FUCKING BLUE DEFUND THEM FOREVER MORE STRIKE FEAR WITHIN IN THEM FOR THEY ARE FEW AND WE ARE MORE


released February 8, 2021

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Zachary Rippy at Sound Signal Audio
Album artwork and designs by Tyler Flanagan


all rights reserved



Skin Ticket Phoenix, Arizona

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